Recently, I have shared my sketch to do effective product management at some conferences. People have asked me for access so I am going to share it with you in this post. Effective product management can be done with numerous methodologies, techniques, tools, processes, skills, roles… it’s a huge world. However, I drew this sketch with my basis which follows the three key pillars I believe we need to delivery value continuously:

  • continuous learning from customers
  • managing and developing products effectively
  • developing high performing teams and individuals

We are people building products for people

I find several benefits working with this sketch:

  • It helps me to order knowledge and connect it
  • It allows me to support organizations, teams and individuals who want to do product and need a default way to start
  • It provides me a tool to run assessments in order to identify what it’s known, what it’s unknown, where we are, where we want to be
  • It guides me to define change management programs to transform organizations towards a culture of continuous value delivery

As a conclusion, I need to tell you that this sketch is not a recipe or the best way to do product or contains everything you should know but the concepts I use the most. I strongly recommend you to find your own way by experimenting with different methodologies, techniques to manage and build products then choose the ones that work better in your context.

Happy to receive feedback 🙂 I would love to hear from you: what would you add? what would you remove? what would you describe differently?.

If you want to watch the conferences where I presented this sketch, here you have them:


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