Last week it took place the first Agile Coach Camp Madrid and I must admit it was better than I expected. Let me share my experience and learnings with you.

About the event

The best of the event was the people who decided to invest their time and money to share their experiences, their knowledge and their willing to learn from the others. Thanks to be a small group – around 40 people – I had the opportunity to chat with every single person at least once and the quality of the conversations was always very high. I am extremely happy for having new and interesting ideas to run experiments – and put in practice – in my organisation. In addition to the sessions, we enjoyed the venue, the mountains, the landscape, we run, we visited some places around and we had a lot of fun in the night with the ‘beer-working’ and the magician show of the incredible Giorgio Rodri.

Thank you

Thanks to all the attendees because I loved every single minute I spent with you. Thanks to the staff who made this possible: João Barreiro, Daniel Rodriguez, Unai Roldán and José M. Blázquez and Roberto Asensi. Thanks to Agile Alliance and Agile Spain for supporting the event, we need more of this. Thanks Thorsten for being there with us. Most of my learnings come from observing how you created the environment were all these amazing collaboration happened. You inspired me to propose the session about facilitation and it was a pleasure to hear your ideas, opinions and experiences.

Next year, I will be there with you again. Promise!


I hope you enjoy the sketches I draw for some sessions.

Opening. Learning to learn with @vinylbaustein


Powerful Questions with @JavierPerezFer


LEGO Serious Play with @gertrudis


Facilitation skills, tools and tips with @vanesa_tejada

2 pensamientos

  1. Great blog Vanesa. It was really good to meet you. I agree that for me the two best parts of the camp was observing the facilitation techniques and sharing experiences/ideas. I also enjoyed the lego games even if some people used a piece that they weren’t supposed to. You know who you are! 🙂

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